Out Of Room!

In the past couple years Faith Baptist Church has been blessed with a explosion of growth, especially in our youth programs. We know that all of this is provided by our savior Jesus Christ and we know that he has a will for us to move forward. For the Church running out of space is a good problem to have, and a this year we formed a plan to move forward. So we start the journey of a new building project. By faith we started and God provided! So far we have raised enough to purchase our building. With the help of God, members, and maybe even you we will be able to pour concrete frame and finish our new building. Anyone who has attended a event with us knows it can get crowded. By God's grace we will have a new building by next summer! If you would like to be a part of our project and God moves on your heart please donate below.

Step 1. Plans

Thanks to Brother Robert and preacher here is a glimpse of what we will have!


Step 2. The Building

The Building has arrived!


Metal Supports up, Plumbing and concrete down.