Kings Kids

Shaping Your Faith

Featuring Stories, Bible Lessons, Crafts and snacks. Kings Kids is your child's opportunity to learn not only about the Bible but also about everyday skills. They learn important life skills such as etiquette, respect, and even how to be a helper. This is all done in a fun and original environment. Our teachers work very hard to write original content for every series and it keeps the kids coming back! So bring your kids by and see what they think. Interactive social learning through God's Word!

Young Married

A place where young couples can come together to learn and fellowship. Focused on younger couples  they have a opportunity to grow in Christ together. Lesson driven with many events outside of church. Perfect for young couples trying to find like minded Christians to walk with!


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According to ROTW Surveys 70% of all young people who grow up in church leave the church by their 20’s. 77% of all Americans believe that personal salvation is a result of good works. 40% of all Millennials believe the Bible is simply a book composed of fables, legends, and moral precepts. 69% of churchgoers believe that everyone will go to heaven. These are some pretty frightening statistics. FBC Teens is about trying to put a dent in these numbers. We believe that youth is the key to the Church’s future and to the USA’s revival. We Believe that this generation is the generation that can make the difference. In a time of need God always sends a preacher a leader to lift us up. Despite what the world tells you about this generation we know God has called young Christians to become leaders in Christ. They are out there wanting to be taught and wanting to take personal and spiritual growth to a new level. If you are a teen and feel like something is missing in your spiritual life, no matter what stage of Christian growth you are in please come visit us. If you have never experienced God’s saving Grace through Jesus Christ please come see us. Will you be the next person who will bring change to your community, your state, your country, or even the world? If so we look forward to helping you through Bible study and mentorship.