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Kings Kids

Featuring Stories, Bible Lessons, Crafts and snacks. Kings Kids is your child's opportunity to learn not only about the Bible but also about everyday skills. They learn important life skills such as etiquette, respect, and even how to be a helper. This is all done in a fun and original environment. Our teachers work very hard to write original content for every series and it keeps the kids coming back! So bring your kids by and see what they think. Interactive social learning through God's Word!

Teen Group

Teens 12 and up are welcome to join our teen program. The program focuses on two parts. Sunday mornings in depth bible studies with a class for both boys and girls. This class is focused on how to grow into both Godly men and Women. Completely Bible based our youth leaders deliver messages shaped and molded for teens through the Word of God. If your teen wants to grow and learn the ministry this is a great place to start. Wednesday nights are combined life skills. You never know if you will be learning to balance a check book or using teamwork to build a kite. This class is always Bible backed and helps to teach the teens what to expect in life.

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